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Why the Hybrid Car is a perfect target for Vandalism

Just an observation of one of the pitfalls of owing an electric car
Awesome!  The Hybrid Car has arrived!  What a fantastic piece of innovative technology.  Wouldn’t you agree? Well, I guess there is that one small snag of course.  It’s a…

The 10 "Must Have" shots to Make Your Home Video Look Like Hollywood

This is a shot list to make your home videos look like Hollywood
Back in August I had mentioned to you all that I was going to be offering a FREE shot list that you could use to make your own home videos look like Hollywood!  See original post…

I Guess That Family Moment is Ruined!

Why you need to be aware of where the sun is when shooting outside.
So you haven’t seen that uncle, dad, mom, friend, (insert anyone here), and they have come out to visit you. It’s their last day with you and it’s a glorious sunny day and you…