The 10 "Must Have" shots to Make Your Home Video Look Like Hollywood

Sep 21, 2013

Back in August I had mentioned to you all that I was going to be offering a FREE shot list that you could use to make your own home videos look like Hollywood!  See original post here.

I also promised that it was going to be out shortly.

Well, as you can see, it is now the middle of September and it is still not ready.BLD026929

But here’s the good news.

Not only is the “Make Your Home Videos Look Like Hollywood by using this FREE shot list!” almost ready but there will be a very detailed accompanying ebook that will be available for purchase soon afterwards.

In it you will not only have the list, but you will get a complete and detailed explanation as to why these shots will enhance your shooting experience and give you the opportunity to really create the best home video you have ever done.

I’m excited to offer this to you all so please subscribe to my blog so that you can be sure to get any and all updates on the release of the list and the ebook.

Stay tuned!