Aunti Bobbi the Clown

Aug 08, 2013

As I am excited to have just released a new CMEFIRST video for Aunti Bobbi the Clown I thought I would share it with you all here.  Aunti Bobbi, or should I say Bobbi Kurtz, is a fabulous woman who has a real passion for what she does.  There is just something about her that makes you realize why children are able to relate to her and why she is able to relate to them.  All of her “clowning around” is done with fun in mind but she is also teaching kids good moral principals in the process.  Aunti Bobbi the clown is Nanaimo’s favorite and most famous clown and travels to entertain children and their families all over Vancouver Island.  She has been performing for over 14 years and is a fun addition to your next special event…Birthday parties…Family Celebration…BBQ…Grand opening…Festival…School…Christmas party and more…  Aunti Bobbi believes in taking care of yourself through fitness, your community through involvement and the environment through recycling.  Please contact her to find out what fun and exciting idea’s she can bring to your next special event!  For more information on Aunti Bobbi please visit her website.


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