Don Power - Social Media Consultant

Nov 29, 2013

Here’s a guy worth getting to know.  Don Power is a Social Media Guru!  He just recently launched his new book Twitter for Skeptics, and as luck would have it, through the the video I created for him he actually got some help with his book launch as one of the authors of a book that we included in his video contacted him after she saw the video and wanted to help him in any way she could!  Pretty cool huh?  Actually when I was working on Don’s video he actually helped me a great deal with understanding how twitter could help me with my company CMEFIRST.  Previous to my meeting Don, I just didn’t get what Twitter was really all about.  Now I’m a twitter fanatic!  It has so much potential and I find it’s been way more useful to me than facebook simply because it’s an open channel.  You can talk with anyone you like without boundaries.  I was so excited about what I had learned Don gave me the opportunity to write the forward to his book!  Thank you Don for all your help and I’m happy to continue my working relationship with you.  Great to see the success you are finding in your business too!  So without further ado…meet Don Power – Social Media Consultant.

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